The Solar Buying Process - What You Need to Know

You’ve spent months looking into solar energy and researching the most sustainable way to harness the sun’s energy, and you’ve finally decided to take the next step towards implementing solar in your home! Are you finding yourself stuck on where to even begin? A solar project is a worthy investment, but where do you start with getting answers to your questions? Is it feasible and affordable?

Don’t sweat it, Sun Homes is here to answer all your solar questions and get you started on the solar buying process. With Sun Homes, you can expect our team to leave you confident and excited about getting started with solar. Here are a few things you can expect at the beginning of the process:

Discussing Goals and Answering Questions

At Sun Homes, we believe in working towards a more sustainable future together, which is why we want to understand your goals and expectations of the solar buying process. An initial meeting with our team will start with questions about your needs and an initial assessment of your activity and needs. We will send a solar representative to your home to discuss different variables including what percent of solar you are trying to implement and how much power you already use. This will help ensure that we are customizing your solar process for optimal results.

Individual Analysis of What We Can Do For You

Sun Homes operates on a data-based platform. Our team will do a full assessment on your electrical history, power usage, business or home details, and the most effective way to install solar panels. Our engineering team will research your home and location to see how many panels your house requires and which kind of panels are optimal.

Feasibility and Funding

We know that the forefront of your thoughts during this process are centered on feasibility and funding. Our projects range from very simple design and execution to complex engineering and building. We are passionate about solar energy, and strive towards accessibility for every client, regardless of the project size and limitations. We will design a proposed budget for the entire project to give you the most accurate financial expectations. Quality of product and workmanship is our promise, and we work towards delivering the best solar experience available. This all comes from communicating honest and accurate projections and keeping our clients actively engaged in the process.

Once we have answered all your implementation and solar questions and we have our design and engineering plan in place, the next step is to discuss installation! We want to make you feel comfortable with the project and investment you’re making. Once we’ve covered the solar buying process, we are ready to move on in the project.

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